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Re: [p2-dev] platform IU ranges in a product definition

> However, you might be able to simulate this by creating a single feature, and
> having that feature 'depend' on the features you need.  In feature dependencies,
> you could define the range there.

Actually, I've read elsewhere that features included by features and features included by .product files cause an exact version to be specified. Looking at PDE's manifest editor for a feature, I don't see that a range can be specified for an included feature.

However, I may have stumbled on to a solution elsewhere. It looks like the trick to adding features to a product with a version range is to not specify them in the .product file but rather in the p2.inf. This is detailed by Andrew Niefer in his blog


Now, in his example, he makes an exception for the platform. I.e., he includes it in the .product file, much like we do. This is what's causing the specific versions to end up in our p2 metadata. However, reading the fine print, it appears we could move the platform specifications to the p2.inf as long as we explicitly specify the platform's start levels, as per