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[p2-dev] Unable to debug feature patch issue

I'm trying to patch org.eclipse.equinox.preferences (with the fix for bug 380859) in a classic SDK for both 3.7.2 and 3.8.0RC4.  Surpisingly, this plug-in is provided by two features, both the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core and the org.eclipse.rcp.feature.  Firstly, when I've tried adding a plug-in to more than one feature I've failed to create a valid configuration.  Are there some rules on how to accomplish this?

When I do create a feature patch for both of these features, attempting to apply them yields a "'XXX Patch' is not applicable to the current configuration and will not be installed."  I tried turning on debug tracing but don't get any more information about what to fix.  The PlanAnalyzer class seems to be trying to build up a multistatus with full details but the top-level "Operation details" status only contains a child with the above error and no other status.  Any suggestions on how to debug this and get a patched org.eclipse.equinox.preferences plug-in?