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  • [m2e-users] update site down?, David Urbansky
  • [m2e-users] Download sources and javadoc not working, Billy Newman
  • [m2e-users] Selective <ignore>, Nathaniel Mishkin
  • [m2e-users] m2e duplicate entires inside JAR crash jarsigner, myron0815
  • [m2e-users] Cannot install in eclipse Juno, Billy Newman
  • [m2e-users] Unit test fails in JUnit view, but works in Console view, Markus Karg
  • [m2e-users] How do I add a local archetypeCatalog extension?, Ricardo Gladwell
  • [m2e-users] [ANN] Maven inspector for m2e, Pascal Rapicault
  • [m2e-users] Dependencies and bundles question, Jens v.P.
  • [m2e-users] How to add maven extensions in M2Eclipse, Zhang, Xueqian
  • [m2e-users] How to upgrade eclipse projects compatable with M2Eclipse 0.12 to M2E 1.x, Zhang, Xueqian
  • [m2e-users] Any news about the m2e egit handler for Juno?, Ittai Zeidman
  • [m2e-users] cannot use archetypes from Nexus Indexer, tong123123
  • [m2e-users] cannot install m2e on eclipse helios, tong123123
  • [m2e-users] m2e, juno, windows 7, SoftwareEngineering Hauschel
  • [m2e-users] Problem installing m2e on Eclipse (fetching), Rafael Fontoura
  • [m2e-users] Maven Project Import problem: Unsupported IClasspathEntry kind=4, Garrison, Jim (ETW)
  • [m2e-users] Having problems with M2Eclipse lately, Keith Barlow

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