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[m2e-users] Antwort: [SPAM] Re: Having problems with M2Eclipse lately

I think the problem is in the ProjectConfigurationManager.class.

If i understand the code right, the methode "create" renames the project-folders if the name of the project differs
from the entry of the modul-name in the pom.xml. Why this is implemented in the m2e-core modul and not in
m2eeclipse-subclipse and why this behaviour is made in m2e 1.0/1.1 i don't understand.

In one forum-post is written, that sontype has no interests any more about subversion because they are using git.

I have already opened a post about that problem but had no reply.

I have patched m2e-core, but the problem is, that every time m2e-core changes, an it change very often, i have
to patch again.

Here is my hack:




if(!projectDir.equals(newProject) && null==projectInfo.getParent())

It is ok for me to change the head-project from mavenXXX (which is the name if you use "checkout as mavenproject from" eclipse)
to the name of the modul in the pom.xml.

Mayby the creat-methode could be transfered to m2e-subversion, which is stable since Jan 2011 and would never touched again.

By the way i wonder why you can find only nightly-builds of m2e and no stable versions although 1.1 is offically released and tagged in git.

Mayby i have the wrong site to the source...

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I think I experienced similar issues.  Ended up that m2e scm integration was renaming my sub project folders.  That was causing all kinds of problems.

Perhaps this could be your problem as well?  I filed an issue and a candidate patch for it.


On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 4:14 PM, Keith Barlow <kbarlow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I recently had to reinstall my eclipse instance (last week) and since then have been having a lot of problems with M2Eclipse.  For starters, when I checkout a multi-module project using any of the SCM handlers (confirmed both in Subclipse and Subversive on both Juno and Indigo), only the parent project is showing up in eclipse as shared.  The child projects are not.  2ndly, projects are not getting configured as Faceted projects.  I seem to have to do that manually now.  That is not such a big deal but the last part of the problem is that the maven dependencies no longer seem to be showing up as the Maven Dependency library like they used to...  I have to run eclipse:eclipse to get the project to recognize maven dependencies (which is supposed to be alternative to m2eclipse... not conjunctive).  I have found this to be the case even if I checkout the project via svn on the command line and then use the Import... -> Existing Maven Projects...  I should not that doing this, I have an external maven instance configured.  If I used the embedded maven instance, I get effectively the same result as running eclipse:eclipse.

As I said, I seem to be witnessing this behavior in both Juno and Indigo and only as of recently.  I installed Maven Integration for Eclipse via the Eclipse Marketplace and am using Subclipse as my SVN handler (v 1.8 also installed from the Eclipse Marketplace).  I have been using the m2eclipse-subclipse version of the Maven SCM Handler for Subclipse - the version posted by Mark Phippard in response to Sonatype's abandonment of the project. (

Has anyone else been witnessing such behavior lately?  Is there anything I can do to get things back on track?



Keith Barlow

Software Engineer
Dell Boomi

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