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Re: [m2e-users] Antwort: [SPAM] Re: Having problems with M2Eclipse lately

On 12-07-25 1:57 AM, Sascha Vujevic wrote:

I think the problem is in the *ProjectConfigurationManager**.class*.

If i understand the code right, the methode "create" renames the
project-folders if the name of the project differs
from the entry of the modul-name in the pom.xml. Why this is implemented
in the m2e-core modul and not in
m2eeclipse-subclipse and why this behaviour is made in m2e 1.0/1.1 i
don't understand.

In one forum-post is written, that sontype has no interests any more
about subversion because they are using git.

I have already opened a post about that problem but had no reply.

I have patched m2e-core, but the problem is, that every time m2e-core
changes, an it change very often, i have
to patch again.

Here is my hack:




*if*(!projectDir.equals(newProject) && *null*==projectInfo.getParent())

Did you submit your patch and corresponding regression tests?


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