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Re: [m2e-users] Dependencies and bundles question

Hi Igor,

On 03.08.12 14:00, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
We resolve m2e dependencies from maven repositories during the build, so
Orbit is not really relevant or useful for us.

Well, that's only true for building the project with Maven. _Using_ the project (from other bundles or in Eclipse) is different---in that case you'd need some bundles providing the libraries. Doesn't help if you're able to build the project (with Maven) but not run it in Eclipse. (And well, with Tycho you are providing the solution to that dilemma ;-) ).

We had a usecase when we needed to be able to use different netty and
async-client versions, so we moved those to separate bundles.

Ah. In which bundles do I find these bundles? Or do I have use the Orbit versions then?

slf4j and logback are such common libraries that it did not make sense
to bundle them with m2e.

Well, same is probably true for some org.apache.commons libraries. Nevertheless, these libraries are required by the indexer.

If you think different dependency granularity would make better sense or
allow integration scenarios not currently possible, please open a
enhancement request in bugzilla and we'll see what we can do.

No, it's ok. I was just wondering if I missed something. My problem is as follows: I have written code using the Maven Indexer and Aether. So I have to provide these libraries within my (Eclipse based) application. However, I do not want users of my application to see the m2e GUI stuff. That is, I cannot use the m2e feature, and due to some limitation of my build system I cannot directly reference external bundles. So I had to rebundle the m2e bundles. Well, as a matter of fact, it seems as if I only need the 3rd party libraries included in m2e, and I was wondering why you bundled the libraries as you did.

Actually, to me it would be great if you'd provide two features: A core feature w/o GUI, and a GUI feature. But I'm well aware that this is not in your focus, as you do not want to provide (and support) the indexer and aether as some kind of APIs in the context of the m2e project.

Also, I found that some maven indexer classes contained in
indexer-core-3.1.0.jar, which is bundled in m2e.maven.indexer, are also
contained in the very same bundle directly (that is, unarchived in
folder org/apache/maven/indexer). From a quick glance it seems as if
these class files are identical to the one contained in
indexer-corre-3.1.0. Is there a reason for duplicating them?

Not identical, we had to patch some of the classes in order to avoid
getting new dependency versions through eclipse legal clearance. I
believe there is only one such class in 1.1, do source-level diff to see
what's changed.

That's a very helpful hint, thank you!


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