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[m2e-users] How to upgrade eclipse projects compatable with M2Eclipse 0.12 to M2E 1.x


We plan to upgrade M2Eclipse from 0.12.2 to 1.1, could you please give some advice on how we should migrate our existing projects?

We provide Eclipse Helios and M2Eclipse 0.12.2 combination to developers of our company. Now we plan to migrate to Juno as well as M2E 1.1. 
After searching the Internet. It seems Juno provides compatibility with projects under Eclipse 3.x. While M2E does not.  
I think I have 2 options based the search result:

1. Provide a utility to developers which will automatically change the Nature, Builder and Classpath Container. After this, I think the projects will not be compatible with M2Eclipse 0.12.x any more. The 'springsource-tool-suite' provides such a similar utility to do the upgrade.
2. Ask users to import the existing projects as Maven projects. As a result, the Nature, Builder and Classpath Container will be automatically added. But the old Nature, Builder and Classpath Container still exists. If I do this, will the projects be compatible with both 0.12.x and 1.x?

Any other suggestions are welcome.


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