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  • Re: [higgins-dev] Scoping of configuration elements, (continued)
  • [higgins-dev] WARNING: Configuration changes in Novell contributed CPs, Tom Doman
  • [higgins-dev] Notes from July 12 Higgins developers call, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] Higgins developers call Today, July 12th at 12:00 Noon EDT, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] Notes from July 5th's Higgins developers call, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] OSGi configuration API, Greg Byrd
  • [higgins-dev] More Building Fun, Ben Laurie
  • [higgins-dev] STS notes, Sergey Lyakhov
  • [higgins-dev] Higgins XML namespace?, Markus Sabadello
  • [higgins-dev] Building stuff..., Ben Laurie
  • [higgins-dev] Catalyst Interop wiki page--needs review/correction, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] Relying Party Demo App running on, Paula K Austel
  • [higgins-dev] org.eclipse.higgins.sts.binding.axis1x.service build problems, Sergey Lyakhov
  • [higgins-dev] 42 architecture diagram changes, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] build issues, Greg Byrd
  • [higgins-dev] Managed Card mime-type, Enrique Rodriguez
  • [higgins-dev] buidaux.xml missing from org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.xml, Michael McIntosh
  • [higgins-dev] Higgins and Authentication, Mike Duffy
  • [higgins-dev] org.eclipse.higgins.icard.provider.cardspace.common M-08 does not build, Michael McIntosh
  • [higgins-dev] Wag and Woof Availability, Tom Doman
  • [higgins-dev] Added Commons CLI 1.0 and Commons Lang 2.1 to Orbit, Chris Aniszczyk
  • [higgins-dev] RP code checked in, Greg Byrd
  • [higgins-dev] STS Issue: SubjectNameIdentifierAttribute, Daniel Sanders
  • [higgins-dev] HBX cleanup completed, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] STS client build problem, Sergey Lyakhov
  • [higgins-dev] H2 (C++ identity agent) code has been checked in, Andrew Hodgkinson
  • [higgins-dev] Changes to org.eclipse.higgins.icard project, Sergey Lyakhov

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