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[higgins-dev] Notes from July 5th's Higgins developers call

Alex Amies - IBM
Paula Austel - IBM
Jeff Broberg CA
Andy Hodgkinson - Novell
Duane Buss - Novell
*Greg Byrd - NCSU/IBM
*Brian Carrol - Serena
Tom Doman - Novell
Valery Kokhan - Parity Ukraine
*David Kuehr-Mclaren - IBM
*Mike McIntosh - IBM
*Tony Nadalin - IBM
*Nataraj Nagaratnam - IBM
Dale Olds - Novell
*Uppili Srinivasan - Oracle
*Drummond Reed - Cordance
*Mary Ruddy - Parity/SocialPhysics
*Markus Sabedello
Jim Sermersheim - Novell
*George Stanchev - Serena
Daniel Sanders
Abhi Schelat - IBM
*Paul Trevithick - Parity/SocialPhysics
* Present
Starter Agenda
• Successful F2F and Catalyst interop in San Francisco.  Lots of
visibility for Higgins - 
• Milestone 0.9 
• All those things we said we would work on after the interop 
***Refactoring H1, H2 and H3 for more consistency, etc. 
***Status of the build 
***Architectural changes to the diagram. 

1) Successful F2F and Catalyst interop in San Francisco.  Lots of
visibility for Higgins  
Mary: Higgins was very well received. Paul and Kim had a session about
the interop. Lots of mentions of Higgins during identity presentations.
Companies were advised to start looking at the technology. Interop was
very active and well attended (they had to throw people out of the room
when it was over.)
Paul: Gave a high level walk through of the interop that is documented
at lists idp and relying
parity sites and selectors.  The wiki shows the status of which things
worked with what.
2) Milestone 0.9 
Paul: We declared victory on milestone 0.8.  The milestone 0.9 wiki
needs al lot of work. Use bugzilla to tag your items for 0.9 and list
them on the wiki.  0.9 is a very short milestone.  We have more then
just packaging to do.  There are still some architectural adjustments
that need to be done. The next milestone will just be focused on
reviewing and packaging.

3) The other important issue is the build process.
Paul:  We did agree to put manual builds up on the Higgins downloads
Mike: Is making progress in this area. He has just checked in ant build
files. Still need to do work on multiple .war files, with and without
distributable files.  Proposes put all jar files in one or two places.
May be easier to manage them…
Paul: Mike please send a proposal to the list.
Mike: We need to agree on the process for creating m 0.9 branch.
Paul: Assumed make branch in a couple of weeks.
Paul: Merge m 0.8 back into the head and then create a new m 0.9 from
Paul: I will send an email about that.
Mary: Will look into who has write access to the download machine
Mike:  Will send Mary a note when has the zip file for his m 0.8 ready.

4) Architecture diagram
Paul:  Walked us through this. I-card selector is new name. Parallels
I-card manager. RPPS web app now has a more subordinate position to
reflects the fact that it is just a web binding.  

5) Talked about publication of the interop results.

Action items:
Mary:  Procedure for writing to the download server
Paul: Send email about m 0.8 and m 0.9 build process
Mike: Create m 0.8 TS download file(s) and send proposal to the list
about the dependency files.
All: Work on m 0.9 deliverables list/bugzilla items 

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