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[higgins-dev] STS client build problem


I've made some changes to org.eclipse.higgins.icard project today. So, I've removed ITokenCard and split IInformationCard interface into IManagedInformationCard and IPersonalInformationCard interfaces. Also I moved getTokenServices(), getRequireAppliesTo() and getPrivacyNotice() to IManagedInformationCard interface. As a result, your todays changes to org.eclipse.higgins.sts.client project are not buildable. What should we do? Should I repalce IInformationCard with IManagedInformationCard and IPersonalInformationCard in org.eclipse.higgins.sts.client.TokenRequestFactory? Also, is RequireAppliesTo parameter applicable for IPersonalInformationCard ( in TokenRequestFactory.createPersonalRequest())?

Sergey Lyakhov

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