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[higgins-dev] OSGi configuration API

At the last F2F, the relationship between the Higgins configuration component and OSGi bundles was brought up.  For informational purposes, I will point out that OSGi Service Platform has a Configuration API (since Release 2). 

A rough correspondence would be:

IConfigurableComponent ~ ManagedService

They also have:

(1) Configuration interface, which holds settings in a Dictionary (not Map).
(2) ConfigurationAdmin interface, which keeps track of Configurations and associates them with ManagedServices and/or ManagedServiceFactories.
(3) ManagedServiceFactory, which creates ManagedServices.

A ManagedService has a persistent ID, and the Configuration object for that service has the same PID.  When a Configuration object is changed, or a new one created, the ConfigurationAdmin object calls the updated() method of the ManagedService (with the same PID) with the new configuration settings.

I'm not proposing that we adopt this API, because we're not tied to the OSGi platform.  But I wanted to offer it up for discussion, to see what, if anything, we should either adopt or interface to.


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