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Re: [higgins-dev] style IdAS Registration


Just to let everyone know, I have been working on a replacement for IdASRegistry, which uses XRDS documents to register and retrieve context factories. I will have much more information about this within the next few days and then hope to get feedback / suggestions on it!

For now I can say it will make proper use of the Configuration component, so if you make JNDIContextFactory a configurable component, that's the way to go!


On 7/10/07, Tom Doman <TDoman@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is anyone using the style of registering Context Factories any more?  It seemed an odd fit from the get go but now that I'm converting over to the new higgins configuration code in the JNDI CP, I will not even be able to support that method any more.  I'm making the JNDIContextFactory a configurable component and the method doesn't allow for any additional configuration to be passed.  I could support a "null" configuration for the JNDIContextFactory (which is, in essence, what I've done until now), but I figure, why support this method at all any more if noone is using it.  The only code I know of which even try to test it is in the JNDI CP test suite.

I vote we rip the registration mechanism out of the IdASRegistry.  Can anyone justify it's continued existence?


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