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  • Re: [higgins-dev] Changes to org.eclipse.higgins.icard project, (continued)
  • [higgins-dev] Higgins F2F Agenda Items, Anthony Nadalin
  • [higgins-dev] I need a final count for the Higgins F2F next week, please reply if you are attending, Anthony Nadalin
  • [higgins-dev] IdAS: verifyPassword, Jim Sermersheim
  • [higgins-dev] IdAS: blind updates, Jim Sermersheim
  • [higgins-dev] Updating Password with IdAS, Daniel Sanders
  • [higgins-dev] The Catalyst "M0-8" branch and the Components page, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] Configuration Issue, Daniel Sanders
  • [higgins-dev] Notes from The 6-14-07 Higgins developers call, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] ICard getIssuer and getIssuerName - What's the diff?, Michael McIntosh
  • [higgins-dev] H1 configuration for Catalyst, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] Urgent: IInformationCard Question / Request, Michael McIntosh
  • [higgins-dev] Notes from June 5 Higgins developers call, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] RE: Next Higgins Developer Call on Thursday, June 14 at 12:00 Noon EDT, Mary Ruddy
  • RE: [higgins-dev] Consolidating usage of jars - resolving Jaxen version issue, Mary Ruddy
  • RE: [higgins-dev] Consolidating usage of jars - re XMLsec version issue, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] FactoryConfigurationError using XML Configuration code, Tom Doman
  • [higgins-dev] STS Question: X509 Certificate in token signature, Daniel Sanders
  • [higgins-dev] FW: [IPZilla CQ: 1011] Jena Version: 2.4 (Includes version of Arq that ships with Jena 2.4), Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] FW: [IPZilla CQ: 1371] HSQLDB JDBC Driver Version:, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] FW: [IPZilla CQ: 1455] Rhino JavaScript Version: 1.6R5, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] Fw: [equinox-dev] Credential management for Eclipse..., Michael McIntosh

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