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[higgins-dev] WARNING: Configuration changes in Novell contributed CPs

I'm in the process of changing all the Novell contributed CPs to use the Higgins configuration code.  I have completed the JNDI CP and will work on the rest and get them done in the next day or two.  Once checked in, this will be a breaking change (so be WARNED) as the Realms file will no longer be supported and all configuration contained there will have to be converted to the Higgins configuration code format.  Examples will be included in the CP test projects.

This work has brought up a few issues which I'll enumerate here and send out under separate cover:
1. "Scoping" of configuration elements.
2. Discovering configurable elements and their structure for a configurable component (yet another need for schema).
3. The URI's contextRefs.
4. Contributing Bandit utilities (ie. JavaScript code, etc.) to Higgins.

I will send out another notice before I check in the breaking changes.


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