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  • [dsdp-pmc] RE: Please provide a copy of the PMC presentation for the Eclipse Board Meeting at EclipseCon, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] Please remove inactive committers "tewillia" and "kmunir" from DSDP-TM project, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] Sprint releases OSGi based Next Gen Mobile Java Platform, Mark Rogalski
  • [dsdp-pmc] Do you have any future plans as dsdp-tm committer?, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] qemu environment?, Martin Oberhuber
  • [dsdp-pmc] DSDP BoF submitted for EclipseCon, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] Long talk substitution, Gaff, Doug
  • [dsdp-pmc] New EPL submission for TM: Windows-CE / RAPI2 Java wrappers, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] DSDP BoF?, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] eRCP setup (was: [] Minutes from Thursday's call), Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] FW: Can we delete /project-info/project-info.xml files?, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] FW: Welcome Eugene as new committer!, Gaff, Doug
  • [dsdp-pmc] Committer vote for Eugene Tarassov has been approved by the PMC, portal on behalf of Martin Oberhuber
  • [dsdp-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Eugene Tarassov, portal on behalf of emo
  • [dsdp-pmc] Links into Wiki are broken due to Upgrade (bug 214442), Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] RE:NAB Ganymede Simultaneous Release, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] NAB Ganymede Simultaneous Release, Shigeki Moride
  • [dsdp-pmc] FW: Inactive Committer Cleanip, Gaff, Doug
  • [dsdp-pmc] VPP project and Mark Burton, Gaff, Doug
  • [dsdp-pmc] Re: MTJ Reboot - New Initial Committer List, Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • [dsdp-pmc] Reminder on EclipseCon votes, Gaff, Doug
  • RE: [dsdp-pmc] RTSC proposal tools link, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] EclipseCon submissions update, Gaff, Doug
  • [dsdp-pmc] EclipseCon submissions, Gaff, Doug
  • [dsdp-pmc] Is DSDP-DD a Conforming Incubating Project?, Oberhuber, Martin
  • RE: [dsdp-pmc] Please vote on TML (Tools for Mobile Linux) initia l codecontribution, Doug Schaefer
  • [dsdp-pmc] Please vote on TML (Tools for Mobile Linux) initial code contribution, Christian Kurzke
  • [dsdp-pmc] Please vote on TM Target Communication Framework (TCF) contribution, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] DSDP Incubator Project, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [dsdp-pmc] EclipseCon 08 - votes for Embedded / Mobile Category, Gaff, Doug
  • [dsdp-pmc] Introducing the RTSC proposed project, Gaff, Doug
  • [dsdp-pmc] MTJ Reboot - New Initial Committer List, Gaff, Doug

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