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[dsdp-pmc] New EPL submission for TM: Windows-CE / RAPI2 Java wrappers

Dear PMC,

this is to inform you that we have received a significant
contribution of EPL'd Java and JNI/C code to implement
Java wrappers that make Microsoft RAPI2 interfaces available
in Java.

RAPI2 is Microsoft's API for communicating with Windows CE
devices from a host computer (ActiveSync). We plan to use 
this in order to implement an RSE Remote Filesystem browser 
for Windows CE. But the Java wrappers are generic, such that
they could be used for any kind of communications with 
the WinCE device.

The submission is not final yet, so I'm not yet creating an
IPZilla entry; this E-Mail is for your advance information,
such that we can find potential duplication or re-use

Please vote +1 here on the list if you think we want this code
   in the DSDP repository (or 0, -1 ... you know the game).

For technical comments, please use the bugzilla item:

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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