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RE: [dsdp-pmc] RE:NAB Ganymede Simultaneous Release

Hello Shigeki,

your process seems right.

Regarding your question: You are right that pack200 is a lossy 
compression. Therefore, before the jarfile is signed, it needs
to be conditioned (aka repacked): I think the "sign" script 
already does that for you.

Repacking means that your jarfiles are compressed (thus losing
unnecessary information and reordering data in the classfiles),
then uncompressed again. From that time on, packing / unpacking
again will NOT modify the jarfiles any more.

I think that Sun guarantees that the process of packing / unpacking
does not change functionality of your jars, although it is lossy.
But still, of course you should do all your testing with the
conditioned (repacked) jars.

Hope that helps,
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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From: Shigeki Moride [mailto:moride.shigeki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 7:09 AM
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Subject: Re: [dsdp-pmc] RE:NAB Ganymede Simultaneous Release

Ted, Martin, Doug,

Thanks everybody.

I red the documents and I have requested webmasters to make a staging
area by e-mail.

In my understanding, if I get the NAB area then I should do these
operations as below.

1. upload jars to staging area
2. kick the signing script as written in the mail from webmasters.
3. download signed jars
4. packing by pack200
5. making the zip file from this packed jars 6. upload packed jars to
NAB update site.
6. upload ziped files to NAB download site.

is that OK?

and I have a question.

in #4. is there any change by packing? I think usually pack200 modify
the jar file. I'm afraid it.


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