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Re: [dsdp-pmc] MTJ Reboot - New Initial Committer List

I take it this is not the complete committer list, but the list of adds to existing committers that have not resigned from the project?

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11/16/2007 02:12 PM

Please respond to
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[dsdp-pmc] MTJ Reboot - New Initial Committer List

As part of the MTJ project reboot, we are specifying a new committer list for MTJ.  The following committers need to be voted on.
Gustavo Paula, CESAR  (Motorola Contractor)
Hugo Raniere, CESAR (Motorola Contractor)
Diego Sandin, CESAR (Motorola Contractor)
Craig Setera, EclipseME lead
You should treat this as if we were starting a new project.  Please vote.
P.S.  In our next PMC call, I will update everyone on the history of the project and the reboot.  You can find notes on the recent MTJ meetings surrounding this reboot on the PMC wiki page._______________________________________________
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