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RE: [dsdp-pmc] qemu environment?

CodeSourcery has a free toolchain package for various chips, including
ARM. It includes gcc, gdb, and a C runtime library (can't remember if
its glibc or newlib). You can get it from their web site.

I'm not sure if LiMo has an SDK that you can run on qemu. Android which
does run on qemu would be good but they haven't released their native
includes/libraries (it's BSD-based and doesn't work well with
CodeSourcery's libc).

Having a nice package like this would be a great way to show off all of
Eclipse's tools for embedded. And we do need to find a way to
redistribute this from Eclipse media...


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Hello Christian,

I'm thinking about putting together instructions for a functional
example cross-compile environment to show target communications at

I thought about QEMU and some kind of Linux.

What are you using for TmL here? Can you recommend a cross environment
(compilers, libs, includes) or give some download pointers?

Note that this would also be an interesting input for the DSDP
INtegration BoF[1]



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