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[p2-dev] Bootstraping and using from commandline


I need some more information about boostrapping an installation
process of bundles for building a eclipse plugin from a build tool

Currently I'm trying to use the director application from eclipse 3.5
as an external process. Now I stumbled across the Touchpoint
instructions (,and
the new API for p2 in 3.6 and I wonder if this is a better approach to
installing bundles then using the external process. If  I understand
correctly it should be possible to start a equinox runtime and install
the basic equinox packages and boostrap the installation process from
there on. Is this correct and if so can you point me to documentation
on this topic as I can't seem to find any concrete stuff searching the
web. I'm kind of missing the big picture and all examples I have seen
so far build a UI from within eclipse.

Thanks in advanced

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