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[p2-dev] Updating products with features (was: Re: Testing P2 without SELF_Profile)

Am 24.07.2010 20:20, schrieb Pascal Rapicault:
> Unfortunately, depending on what you want to achieve, this may not always work (see mail from Gunnar on Friday, July 23rd)
> In this case, a trick consist in exporting your application once, and starting your selfhosting instance with the following VM Args:
> 	-Declipse.p2.profile=<profileId>

Just testing this and I wonder how self-updating is supposed to work in
combination with products & features.

I have the following setup:
- product "my.product"
   - includes feature "my.feature"
      - includes a few other features (intentionally nested)
   - includes launcher

When I run the UpdateOperation with out specifying any IUs to update it
tries to update the root IU only. In my case this is "my.product". The
update works fine. However, I don't like to update the whole product
every time. Instead I just like to publish "my.feature" updates.

Thus, I invoke UpdateOperation and explicitly specify the currently
installed "my.feature" IU in the constructor (which I obtained from the
current profile). However, the UpdateOperation always fails in this case
because the installed "my.product" version depends on the installed
"my.feature" version and does not allow installing a newer feature version.

Any ideas/tips?

How does the Eclipse SDK handles this? I compared the profiles and
noticed a similar setup. However, the p2 update UI seems to ignore the
product-feature requirement and allows to install newer feature versions.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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