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Re: [p2-dev] Shared installs and our EPP Packages

The logic says: If the shared contains all the bundles in the local one, then use the local one. That is, if the shared is a subset, then it's ok to use the local -- because the local just contains additional bundles.  However, if somehow the local one removes bundles (or updates them), then we will likely hit problems down the road, so revert and use the shared file -- this is the inconsistency I was talking about.  Since we hit this inconsistency, we assume the local file is 'wrong' and we use the shared one -- which of course doesn't have the newly installed bundles.
I think at this point a detailed error should be logged in the startup though because that condition is something the is not supposed to happen and that would help people diagnose these sorts of problems in the future. Right now it just does not work and we don't know why. In general my feeling is that p2 should complain a little more if things are not right and give a lot of diagnostic information which will help track down  issues like this in the field.

Does that make sense?
Yes, thanks for your clear and thoughtful explanation.  

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