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[p2-dev] Any reason why Eclipse doesn't load plugins from 'dropins' directory?


I have an Eclipse 3.6 (Classic or WTP) installation in which I
installed all the necessary plugin dependencies of my own plugins. Now
I want to drop my plugins into the dropins folder.

I have tried all the possible formats mentioned here:

Eclipse simply ignores them: Eclipse doesn't get the needed
functionality, Installation Details does not show them, and the Error
Log shows no error.

What can the problem be? I simply don't see it. The plugins that I
drop are simply copied from an Eclipse 3.6 based product that if I
run, I get all the extra functionality brought by my plugins. So
everything should work.

Any idea, help, thinks to look for, hack to make this work?


PS: I don't want to build an update site because this is part of a
test process that needs to be like that.

MSc Gabriel Petrovay
Mobile: +41(0)787978034

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