Web 2.0 the Eclipse Way with the Rich AJAX Platform

The Rich AJAX Platform is ready to help you create AJAX-enabled Web applications using the methods and concepts of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. In fact, RAP can be thought of as RCP for the Web, and that means, among other things, that a large part of the existing code from desktop RCP applications can be used to run them in a browser. This webinar will teach you about the three RAP building blocks - a widget toolkit, the Eclipse plug-in mechanism, and a workbench - and how they compare with RCP. The widget toolkit is a Java component library similar to SWT. It shields you from differences in the underlying technologies. RAP renders the appropriate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript instead of the developer hand-coding it. The plug-in mechanism for Web applications employs the OSGi functionality. The workbench is tightly integrated with the widget toolkit and is similar to the Eclipse platform workbench.

Categories: Rich AJAX Platform, Ajax

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September 2006
by Jochen Krause