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  • [spatial4j-dev] Fwd: GitHub Spatial4j move to LocationTech, david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx
  • [spatial4j-dev] Contributing to Spatial4j, david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx
  • Re: [spatial4j-dev] Spatial4j - Build # 379 - Failure!, Ryan McKinley
  • [spatial4j-dev] Spatial4j vote: Bump Java to 1.7 from 1.6?, david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx
  • [spatial4j-dev] Code style, david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx
  • Re: [spatial4j-dev] pull requests?, david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx
  • [spatial4j-dev] Writing shapes to WKT/GeoJSON, Ryan McKinley
  • [spatial4j-dev] CQ filed for “Geo3d", david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx
  • [spatial4j-dev] Spatial4j project status update, david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx
  • Re: [spatial4j-dev] [Dev] Giving a talk in two weeks on Lucene spatial, david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx
  • [spatial4j-dev] ANNOUNCE: Move to LocationTech, david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx
  • Re: [spatial4j-dev] test, david.w.smiley@xxxxxxxxx

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