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  • Re: [eclipselink-users] problem deploying in glassfish using EclipseLink, (continued)
  • [eclipselink-users] Poor exception handling on Invalid Mapping, Tim Hollosy
  • [eclipselink-users] EclipseLink dropping Exception cause?, cowwoc
  • [eclipselink-users] Why is it so hard to find the source-code?, cowwoc
  • [eclipselink-users] jdoc maven artifacts?, David Nedrow
  • [eclipselink-users] JPA insert failure, John Fisher
  • [eclipselink-users] Does JPQL have a equivalent for NVL?, Jan Vissers
  • [eclipselink-users] The number of actual and formal parameters differs,, Yannick Majoros
  • [eclipselink-users] Gah! Netbeans, Maven, and EclipseLink, David Nedrow
  • [eclipselink-users] Spring: Attempting to execute an operation on a closed EntityManager., Tim Hollosy
  • [eclipselink-users] Oracle Releases Oracle® TopLink® 11g Based on EclipseLink, James Sutherland
  • [eclipselink-users] Memory's problem, dmitryerkin
  • [eclipselink-users] RollbackException: Transaction rolled back because transaction was set to RollbackOnly, Leon Derks
  • [eclipselink-users] java.lang.NullPointerException at org.eclipse.persistence.internal.jpa.EntityManagerImpl.getActivePersistenceContext(, dmitryerkin
  • [eclipselink-users] Paging large record set with EclipseLink Query using Sybase runs out of memory, gsilverman
  • Re: [eclipselink-users] NoClassDefFoundError: javax/transaction/Synchronization, James Sutherland
  • RE: [eclipselink-users] Issue with namedQuery/setParameter and string which contains "'" (single quote), Michael O'Brien
  • [eclipselink-users] Issue with namedQuery/setParameter and string which contains "'" (single quote), Jan Vissers
  • [eclipselink-users] What Web Frameworks Are People Using with EclipseLink?, Tim Hollosy
  • [eclipselink-users] Logging SQL results, cowwoc

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