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[eclipselink-users] Gah! Netbeans, Maven, and EclipseLink

OK, I've about had it with Maven. I have never had more trouble with something that is supposed to make things better (dependency, etc.)

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. For some things it never works. At least for me.

In any case, I've asked this before...

Can anyone confirm that they are successfully using a Maven project in NetBeans that is able to pull an artifact and version list (when editing the pom.xml) that includes more than just the "eclipselink" artifact and the "1.0-SNAPSHOT" version?

The sample pom.xml entry at does not work for me, as the & 's cause NetBeans to mark the project as poorly formed. I've tried multiple variations of the the URL with no luck.

If I follow the link and get a static mirror URL to place in the pm, NetBeans will poll the server for components, but I only ever see "eclipselink" as an artifact and only 1.0-SNAPSHOT is available as a version, though it's clearly visible from browsing the repo via the browser that multiple versions should be available.

If nobody here can confirm that this actually works, I'll try the NetBeans people next. After a couple of months asking about this on various lists, I still haven't been able to get someone to say, "Yes, this works for me and here is my pom."


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