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Re: [eclipselink-users] Poor exception handling on Invalid Mapping

It seems odd that that error was all you got.  Did it include a exception
stack trace or caused by?  Were there any other errors logged to your log? 
What exactly was the error?

If that was indeed all the info you got on the error then please log the

Tim Hollosy wrote:
> EclipseLink does a poor job handling invalid mappings. I had a bad
> @Column annotation and wasted a bunch of time debugging it because
> this was the only error EclipseLink would give:
> Exception creating EntityManagerFactory using PersistenceProvider class
> Um, OK! I finally recalled getting this same error a few months ago
> and regenerated my Entities to fix it, but I estimate I've wasted
> about 12 hours lifetime on this one "bug".
> Am i missing someway to turn on better logging? I'm already at Finest,
> if not I'll file a bug.
> ./tch

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