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Re: [eclipselink-users] Why is it so hard to find the source-code?

   Thank you for pointing this out.
   For the main wiki page, I understand, a direct "source downloads" link should be added for the repository address.  I"ll bring it up in the next meeting.  I think all 4 ways of getting the code should have its own section or be in the download page (SVN-committer, SVN-non-committer, src ZIP in installer ZIP and Maven)

    If you navigate "Development - Downloads" this takes you to the EclipseLink source/binaries.
   How to get the source?
   It might not be obvious that the is in the jlib directory of the download installer zip - I'll update the page when I get back online since we do not mention this.

   Currently the link to the Building page details the build and testing process for EclipseLink and has a link to prerequisites that give the SVN url.
Off of
Off of

   However, this building page is committer specific in its checkout urls and procedures and should be expanded to include all developers with the URL you found that uses the format svn:// Instead of the committer one svn+ssh://user@eclipse/svnroot/rt/org.eclipse.persistence/trunk
- I will update this page as well.

Thank you

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FYI: I found it through trial and error:

Please add a link off the download page.


cowwoc wrote:
> For an open-source project, this is rather amusing... I can't find a link
> to either download the source-code associated with official releases or a
> link to the repository so I can check out the code myself.
> I would expect to find a link directly off the download page. Shouldn't it
> be that easy? :)
> Thanks,
> Gili

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