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Re: [eclipselink-users] The number of actual and formal parameters differs,

christopher delahunt a écrit :
From the error, it looks like it is call setParDoctorant and passing in a "0" instead of a boolean, but the full stack would contain more. What is the database field type for the PAR_DOCTORANT field, and do inserts work?

If the database field type is not a boolean type, (such as a string or Integer), you will need to try to map it to something different than a boolean or use a ObjectTypeConverter mapping:

Ok, it seems I found some workaround: using "Boolean" instead of "boolean". Still, it isn't nullable and I'd like to have a "boolean".

What's a "boolean type" in oracle? It's a "number" in the db table, I'm not aware of another way of doing it. Inserts work. Updates work... and it seems to work after the first request anyway. Smells like a bug... Could someone confirm?

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