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Re: [eclipselink-users] Error when removing entity - XAException from commit1: 100

I'm using an Oracle database and OC4J. I haven't got exact version numbers as
I'm now posting from home.

The error only occurs on delete of this entity class. Deletions of other
entities appears to work fine. Insertions and updates are working fine. I
did put my logging level to finest this afternoon and couldn't see any other

When I googled the error message I only got links to an Oracle forum post
that I apparently didn't have permissions to read even after logging in.


James Sutherland wrote:
> From your log it looks like the EclipseLink commit occurred without
> errors.  The error seems to be an XA issue, perhaps something to do with
> your database, JDBC driver, or JTA.  Does the issue only occur on
> deletion, and not insert or update?  Try setting your logging level to
> finest and see if there are any other issues.
> What application server and database are you using?  Perhaps try switching
> to a non JTA DataSource or internal connection pooling to confirm the
> error is in JTA.

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