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  • [ecf-dev] git repo weirdnesses?, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] Git Repo status, Pavel Samolisov
  • [ecf-dev] workflow for adding a new project to an existing git repo, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] DNS-SD discovery provider repository (successfully) merged into new ECF git repo, Markus Alexander Kuppe
  • [ecf-dev] ECF CVS is set to read-only from now on (was [Bug 319948] Move to git), Markus Alexander Kuppe
  • [ecf-dev] git move ASAP - helpwanted - New repo at, Markus Alexander Kuppe
  • [ecf-dev] zookeeper discovery comes and goes, Bryan Hunt
  • [ecf-dev] Con call rescheduled for tomorrow Tuesday 10/12 at 1pm/UTC, 3pm/CEST, 6am/PDT, Markus Alexander Kuppe
  • [ecf-dev] ECF 3.4 - PLEASE READ, Scott Lewis
  • [ecf-dev] Some small ECF examples, Pavel Samolisov
  • [ecf-dev] 3.4 NIGHTLY REPO, Wim Jongman
  • [ecf-dev] Changing the timeout configuration in ECF IRC provider Implementation, Harshana Eranga Martin
  • Re: [ecf-dev] [ #16442] ECF Machine, Wim Jongman
  • [ecf-dev] remote service call authorization implemenation, Franky Bridelance

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