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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF 3.4 - PLEASE READ

 Hi Markus,

On 10/10/2010 5:33 AM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 10/10/2010 01:55 AM, Scott Lewis wrote:

A couple of other things I wanted to ask about there a dnssd
feature?  If so, is the dnssd feature included in the
o.e.e.remoteservice.sdk.feature (i.e. ECF Remote Services Target
Components)...which is also included in the ECF sdk feature?  Is it your
intention to include it in the remoteservice.sdk.feature?  Seems to me
it would make sense  (in the remoteservice.sdk.feature) the other
discovery providers are there for both the remoteservices sdk and the
ECF sdk (which includes the remoteservices sdk).
DNS-SD comes with a feature [0]. However the problem is, that the code
is still on git. Initially we planed to do the 3.4 release from git, so
I never cared to check the code into CVS (didn't want to loose history
Now that we've postponed the move to git (again), I'm not sure I have
the resources to move the code to CVS. Especially in front of the fact
that we will move the code back to git afterwards.

So how were you thinking we would deploy dnssd for ECF 3.4? If at all possible, I do think it should be part of the remote service sdk and the ECF sdk for the 3.4 there some way to easily create a composite repo or some such?

Alternatively I could move the code to CVS...sufficient to build things for 3.4...with the expectation of moving/returning to git after ESE as we discussed.

Also, would it make sense to add a new set of product configurations to
the hello examples to use dnssd rather than jmdns or zookeeper?  It
might make use/adoption of dnssd a little easier.
DNS-SD requires an authoritive DNS server setup, which makes a setup
slightly more complicated than just including a new launch config.

I fully understand about the dns setup requirements, but perhaps we could use or point to necessary DNS setup (on wiki page(s) for this example...perhaps this is already in our wiki or someplace else), and *then* it would allow them to use a new product configuration for the hello world exmaple. I just think that it would be helpful to have a common example that runs on all the various discovery providers (once configured, of course) get folks up and running with dnssd as easily as possible.


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