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Re: [ecf-dev] Some small ECF examples

 On 10/11/2010 5:58 PM, Jeff McAffer wrote:
I added EPL file to repo.
Great.  This information would be good to have on the website and in the source files where developers are likely to see it.  In another reply I also mentioned the benefits of using EDL...

Should I rename all projects/packages? What name will be correct?
What do the other ECF examples that are not at use?

I believe that these are the first examples that are not at or eventually headed there (after IP process/review).

Although I have not discussed this with Pavel...and as it's his contribution it's his decision of course...I would propose that we open CQs for eventual move of these examples to This is what we have done with a number of contributions previously (i.e. made them available for testing/review/improvement/comment/usage, etc while going through the IP approval process), and unless Pavel objects I think we should do this with these examples also. Hopefully this would help in their distribution/use among ECF consumers.

I'm personally indifferent to EPL/EDL for example contributions...although through experience if it makes consumption easier for some it would seem fine to license them under both EPL and EDL (as Toast has done). In advice would be to do whatever makes it easiest for consumers...if that's both EPL and EDL then that seems like the right choice to me.


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