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[ecf-dev] problems with XMPPContainer and IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter

Hi folks, 

I'm trying to use remote services over ECF with the XMPP provider. In order to register and retriever remote services I need to get the IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter: 
IPresenceContainerAdapter adapter = (IPresenceContainerAdapter) this.container

I'm running in a NPE. Debugging the ECF-Code I found out that the XMPPContainer returns null providing org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter as clazz parameter.

public Object getAdapter(Class clazz) {
if (clazz.equals(IPresenceContainerAdapter.class))
return this;
if (clazz.equals(ISendFileTransferContainerAdapter.class))
return outgoingFileTransferContainerAdapter;
return super.getAdapter(clazz);

Btw. the IPresenceContainerAdapter works fine. Any idea?


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