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Re: [ecf-dev] Some small ECF examples

 On 10/11/2010 10:25 AM, Jeff McAffer wrote:
Thanks for the pointer. It would be odd for an Eclipse project to point people outside for the official project examples.  Actually, that brings up a couple things about these (and other?) examples.

- What is the licensing?

The short answer to this is:  EPL

The long answer: it's EPL for code created by ECF team members (like the ECF examples by Pavel)...or contributed to ECF. But since ECF providers can be based upon/use third-party libraries (e.g. JavaGroups)...which have their own, possibly incompatible licensing (in the case of Javagroups...LGPL), the providers that *use* those libraries have both EPL components (the code that we create), and non-EPL-licensed code (e.g. JavaGroups/LGPL). And so the resulting providers have code that includes both EPL and other licenses.

For the ECF examples and other pure-EPL contributions, these will typically go through the Eclipse IP process, but haven't done so yet (as they were just created/made available). We've done this or something similar with many previous contributions (e.g. Google summer of code projects, etc). Obviously for providers that are dependent upon other licenses (e.g. javagroups/LGPL) they won't go through the IP process because of the incompatible license for the third party library.


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