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[ecf-dev] ECF 3.4 - PLEASE READ

 Hi Folks,

We've been threatening to have an ECF 3.4 minor release for a while now, and I think it's finally about time. It would be very nice if it were available prior to Eclipse Summit Europe (around Nov 2).

The Eclipse Foundation has a project review day/timeslot available on Oct 20th. That means we need to have the review materials (slides) to the foundation by *October 13*.

In order to get the materials together quickly, and with minimum burden on anyone, I would like to have the committers that worked on the new additions to create

1) A single slide (if at all possible), that presents a description of what the addition is. Something readable by open office please. 2) A short html blurb for the ECF 3.4 New and Noteworthy. (this can be of essentially the same content as 1, but remember it's intended for the New and Noteworthy and a larger audience, and so might benefit from screenshots, etc)

Then I will edit and create the review slides in the EF format, as well as the New and Noteworthy.

I need to receive things by the *12th*, so that I have some time to do the editing and etc.

Here are the main additions that I know of for ECF 3.4 and the lead committer responsible for that addition...please add to this if I'm missing something

DNS-SD:  Markus Kuppe
Atom/RSS rest rs provider:  Pavel Samolisov

Is there anything else of note that I'm missing?

The work on the JMS provider is also there, but this isn't part of the ECF 3.4 review since it's at github repo only (not at

Action: Please create the slide and html blurb, and send to me *before* end of your day on Oct 12.

If others wish to help out on the slide editing and/or the New and Noteworthy creation please let me know. I would appreciate the help.

This is going to be a terrific release for ECF. Thanks to committers and contributors alike.


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