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Re: [ecf-dev] problems with XMPPContainer and IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter

Hi Eugen,

On 10/15/2010 7:56 AM, Eugen Reiswich wrote:
I'm one step ahead. I've been experiencing class loading problems when managing the plug-in dependencies using "Imported-Packages" (as recommended by OSGi) rather than "Required Plug-ins". I just changed the imports to "Required Plug-ins" and the class loading issue is gone.

I'm glad this is no longer a problem for you, but this does seem like it could be some issue either with PDE or with Equinox.   I don't know why it would happen...especially since there is only one packaged exported by org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent.  But in any case...

Well I wasn't happy for a long time as a few seconds later I got the next exception trying to register remote services:

adapter.registerRemoteService(new String[] { serviceName }, impl, props);
This method caused the following exception:

org.eclipse.ecf.core.identity.IDCreateException: Exception creating remoteID
<stuff deleted>
Diving in the ECF code the problem seems to be within the class ClientSOContainer. The method: 
public ID getConnectedID() {
return remoteServerID;
returns null.

I believe this is ultimately a bug (perhaps a race) in the XMPPContainer (subclass of ClientSOContainer)...and I've created this bug

...but I'm confused about how the xmpp containerID is/can be null within the remote service registry (i.e. class RemoteServiceRegistryImpl).  Would you please explain in a comment (on the bug) how you determined that it was because of ClientSOContainer.getConnectedID()?   And I will follow up with some questions on the bug to attempt to diagnose further.



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