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Re: [ecf-dev] git repo weirdnesses?


It seems that the entries that I expected to appear on the web interface are now there...where they weren't before as described perhaps there is some time delay for the web UI-access to git repo. This may be expected/way it's supposed to be...but it's a little


On 10/14/2010 2:31 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
  Hi Folks,

I recently successfully added a new project to the ECF git's the log entry:

And I can actually see the project contents from the web interface it seems that it's actually in the repo now. But, when I browse to the parent directory using the web interface, I don't see the new project/directory:

Also, it seems that the summary page

is leaving out this commit/push. Are these some weirdnesses in the web interface? It seems like everything is there in the repo...but the web interface isn't showing it (maybe the web interface has something cached?)

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