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  • Re: [science-iwg] Science at Eclipse Community Day Europe?, (continued)
  • [science-iwg] SWTChart Proposal, Philip Wenig
  • [science-iwg] GTK Broadway, Jacob.Filik@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • [science-iwg] Science WG Meeting at ECE/ECF, UOMo
  • [science-iwg] Monthly call Wednesday 21st March, Tracy Miranda
  • Re: [science-iwg] Fwd: EclipseCon France: Early picks to inspire your proposal!?, UOMo
  • [science-iwg] Fwd: EclipseCon France: Early picks to inspire your proposal! , Gael Blondelle
  • [science-iwg] EclipseCon France CFP - Early Bird deadline March 5th, Tracy Miranda
  • [science-iwg] Details about the Science Working Group Steering Committee, Christopher Brooks
  • [science-iwg] Benefits of the Science Working Group, Christopher Brooks
  • [science-iwg] October Newsletter for Science WG !, Marc Vloemans
  • [science-iwg] GSoC 2018, Philip Wenig
  • [science-iwg] Next monthly call - Wed 21st February, Tracy Miranda
  • [science-iwg] Science & IoT event at Diamond Light Source, Feb 23rd, Tracy Miranda
  • [science-iwg] DWX' 18 CFP, UOMo
  • [science-iwg] Cancellation of January Science meeting, Tracy Miranda
  • [science-iwg] Release of MODIS Collection 6.1 Atmosphere Products, Masuoka, Edward J. (GSFC-6190)
  • [science-iwg] Call for participation: FOSDEM 2018, Feb 3-4, Benjamin Cabé
  • [science-iwg] Nablab Environment, Tracy Miranda
  • Re: [science-iwg] Next monthly call - Wed 13th December, Tracy Miranda
  • [science-iwg] Next monthly call - Wed 13th November, Tracy Miranda
  • [science-iwg] File format for numerical data storage, BERNARD, Alain
  • [science-iwg] January Eclipse Newsletter - Science, Roxanne Joncas
  • [science-iwg] Publication Quality Plotting, Jacob.Filik
  • [science-iwg] IMPORTANT: Today's meeting, Torkild U. Resheim
  • [science-iwg] Next monthly call - Wed 15th Oct, Tracy Miranda
  • [science-iwg] Original aspiration for Science Working Group, Ian Mayo
  • [science-iwg] Strategy initiative, Ian Mayo
  • [science-iwg] TeXlipse 2.0.0 successfully released, Torkild U. Resheim
  • [science-iwg] Science Release Train Press Release, Ian Skerrett
  • [science-iwg] Monthly call - Tomorrow 18th Oct 2017, Tracy Miranda

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