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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Oracle's position on Jakarta EE 9

Erik Brangs wrote on 10/4/19 12:19 AM:
> Hi,
> On 04.10.2019 02:02, Bill Shannon wrote:
>> It's not in Jakarta EE.  Read the spec.
> I suppose you could say that JAX-WS is a Java SE specification and therefore not part of Jakarta EE.
> However, JAX-WS is part of the full Jakarta EE 8 platform.
> I looked at . I'm basing my view on the following sections:
> - section 2.7.15 "Web Services" from " Jakarta EE Standard Services" lists JAX-WS but it doesn't say it's optional
> - section 6.1.2 "Required Java Technologies" lists "Jakarta Enterprise Web Services 1.4" as required
> - section 9.7 "Full Jakarta™ EE Product Requirements" says that "Jakarta Enterprise Web Services 1.4" is part of the full requirements

Jakarta Enterprise Web Services is NOT JAX-WS.  It's what was formerly
known as "JSR 109".  It describes configuration and deployment of XML
web services in Jakarta EE app servers.  The core XML web service support
comes from JAX-WS in Java SE 8.

> The way I'm reading section 6.1.3. "Pruned Java Technologies", technologies are pruned from the Jakarta EE platform. So I'm looking at whether a technology is part of the full platform.

JAX-WS is not, except in the sense that all of Java SE 8 is required by
Jakarta EE 8.

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