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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Oracle's position on Jakarta EE 9

On 3 Oct 2019, at 13:37, Alasdair Nottingham <alasdair.nottingham@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Alasdair Nottingham

On Oct 1, 2019, at 4:59 PM, Bill Shannon <bill.shannon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Kevin Sutter wrote on 10/1/19 1:15 PM:
Excellent strawman, Bill.  Thanks!

What about Entity Beans?  You mention "client view", but did you also mean to include Entity BMP and CMP Beans?  I'd vote +1 for that pruning as well.
I agree, that should probably be on the list.

I noticed that you didn't include Jakarta Management in the Pruning list.  The other Stable APIs were included to be pruned (Registries, RPC, and Deployment).  Did you just just forget Management, or is there a reason why you wouldn't include that in your list to be pruned?
At the moment it isn't marked "proposed optional".  We had hoped to update it rather than prune it, but if there's no longer any interest in it we could consider pruning it as well.  We need to decide what the pruning process is for Jakarta EE.

+1 I think a new spec for the use case given it was going REST over JMX makes sense. I don’t know of much usage from the customer apps I have seen. 

Any justification on which Java SE 8 APIs should be moved to Jakarta EE 9 and which ones shouldn't?  Or, was it just gut reaction to usage scenarios?
Mostly the latter.  CORBA and SOAP usage is dropping significantly, but XML is still widely used.  Mail needs Activation, which is why it's still there.

I still see a lot of SOAP out there. Even JAX-RPC is used by a significant existing application estate. I think we need to show a future for these SOAP apps in Jakarta EE and pulling in the JAX-WS APIs is the right approach. 


- Dmitry

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