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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Oracle's position on Jakarta EE 9


On 03.10.2019 23:11, Bill Shannon wrote:
> JAX-WS was moved into Java SE 6, was deprecated in Java SE 9, and was removed
> from Java SE in Java SE 11.

I'm looking at this in a different way. JAX-WS is an official part of Jakarta EE 8. As far as I know, it wasn't optional in Jakarta EE.

JAX-WS was never removed from Java EE. It was merely removed from the JDK. I fail to see why the removal of an API from the JDK should imply the removal of that API from Jakarta EE.

There should be a process for dealing with removals from the JDK that affect Jakarta EE. That's going to be a general issue anyway. I suppose Jakarta EE is going to require Java LTS versions rather than non-LTS versions. In that case, APIs may very well disappear betweeen LTS releases.

> The issue is whether to move JAX-WS et. al. back
> into Jakarta EE for Jakarta EE 9, or just leave them as separate standalone
> specs that a Jakarta EE 9 vendor can add to their product.

I'd prefer for JAX-WS to be not removed for Jakarta EE 9 or, as you put it, for it to be moved back. That's not because I actually care about JAX-WS. I could do without it. But I really want to have a target Jakarta EE version that I can port to from Java EE without risking any more breaking changes than are required by the namespace change. I want such a version because I'm not interested in deploying on the cloud which seems to be the focus these days. If there was such a Jakarta EE version, I could stay on it for a while in the hopefully unlikely event that the first Jakarta EE versions don't provide enough compelling improvements. I suppose I could also stay on Java EE or Jakarta EE 8 in that case but who knows how good the backwards compatibility layer is going to be?

Kind regards,

Erik Brangs

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