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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Jakarta EE platform web site

It seemed like no one else in the community was interested in this so I
took a first stab at it.  Pull request here:

Minor comments are encouraged, but if you want significant changes, or think
it should all be done differently, please submit your own PR after I merge


Bill Shannon wrote on 8/26/19 5:14 PM:
> Well, git screwed me over again, and what I intended as a Pull Request
> was committed directly.  Anyway, I create the gh-pages web site for the
> jakartaee-platform project.  I initialized it with the content from the
> Java EE platform spec web site.  There's lots of updates that are needed.
> If someone wants to attack that, let me know, I'd love the help.  Otherwise
> I'll start working on it later this week.
> FYI, you can see this initial version of the site here:

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