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Re: [LIKELY JUNK]Re: [egit-dev] Participation in Helios build?

2010/3/4 Gunnar Wagenknecht <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Am 04.03.2010 13:37, schrieb Matthias Sohn:
> Chris could you do that supervision ? I think we should document that in
> Bugzilla since Gerrit comments will be gone
> with the history rewrite we'll face soon, right ?

I'm not Chris, but I'm a member of the Technology PMC.

This contribution seems to be within the scope of the project and has
been openly discussed in the mailing list, I'm going to say that it's

Please go ahead and open a Bugzilla. Attach the contribution and use the
iplog flag to record the contribution in the ip log. You should also
reference the mailing list discussion.
Note, going through Bugzilla also has the benefit of creating a public
record of Sasa's contributions (useful for committer election later on).

We use Shawn's JGit iplog tool to extract the IP log from git history and
the foundation database.

Chris, Shawn: 
could you also review the change, you proposed how the framework could look like.


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