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  • [egit-dev] Re: [master] Change I5828502f: (egit/parallelip-jgit) Change jgit build to be completely manifest first, (continued)
  • [egit-dev] argsj4 not built in orbit yet?, Shawn O. Pearce
  • [egit-dev] 0.6 Release?, Chris Aniszczyk
  • [egit-dev] JGit Build Failures?, Chris Aniszczyk
  • [egit-dev] JGit smart-http revived, Shawn O. Pearce
  • [egit-dev] .gitignore, Igor Fedorenko
  • [egit-dev] jgit project started, Shawn O. Pearce
  • [egit-dev] Layout when the project is in the repository root, Thomas Hallgren
  • [egit-dev] 'core.pathencoding' config option, Semen Vadishev
  • [egit-dev] Need help with check-outs, Thomas Hallgren
  • [egit-dev] Buckminster provider for egit/jgit, Thomas Hallgren
  • [egit-dev] Index and cache, Thomas Hallgren
  • [egit-dev] [RFC] Talk on EGit/JGit at EclipseCon, Sohn, Matthias
  • [egit-dev] UI dependencies in egit core, Thomas Hallgren
  • [egit-dev] JGit Build Update, Chris Aniszczyk
  • [egit-dev] iplog for jgit/egit, Shawn O. Pearce
  • [egit-dev] RE: [master] Change I50f1287b: (egit/parallelip-egit) Implement "Compare with Revision" action, Sohn, Matthias

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