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Re: [egit-dev] Participation in Helios build?

On Dec 9, 2009, at 15:27, Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

Yes, here is a brief summary of what needs to be done. Let me try to
separate things out to what I think we have already and what we don't.

Can we wikify this, so we can keep an updated schedule? Would also be good to have dates/times against predicted and actual achievement of those goals.


- Message Bundles. Projects must use Eclipse message bundles unless
there are technical reasons not to.
We need to work on this.

JGit needs to be able to depend on non-JGit stuff. So we probably need to have the translation/I18N layer done in EGit, and use specific exception classes to be able to realise/translate into an appropriate format for Eclipse's purposes. That's a legal, rather than technical, reason.

- Execution Environment.
We should make make sure that we have a
Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment (BREE) set for our bundles. Now
that I think about... what version of Java are we targetting? This
should be reflected in the BREE. We should also use PDE API Tools'
execution environment validation to make sure we don't call any Java
6.0 methods if we are targetting Java 5.0 :)

Well ... we've already gone past Java5 EOSL; the only thing I can think of is that neither PPC or Intel Mac OS X 32-bit doesn't have Java6 (so any 32-bit Macbooks or minis are going to be wiped out by that requirement. Are we happy to do that? My (64-bit) PPC mac has Java 6 installed, but for some reason, only for the x86_64 architecture, so I can't even run it there. So my personal preference would be for a Java 5 minimum.

- Re-use and share common third party jars.
We need to make sure we do this.

Not sure EGit has any dependencies other than JGit, which itself is independent of others (provided that we don't introduce the args4j or other type dependencies).


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