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RE: [LIKELY JUNK]Re: [egit-dev] Participation in Helios build?

> I'd actually prefer to just write our own micro NLS class in JGit.
> Seriously.  Its got to be like 50 lines of code: Scan the public
> static fields, loaded a standard ResourceBundle through java.util
> API and inject it via reflection.
> Someone please code this and contribute it.  It should be an
> easy one evening project.  We don't need massive cability here for
> localization, most of JGit message formatting is about error messges.
> Standard MessageFormat and some strings loaded from a localized
> ResourceBundle should be Good Enough.

Few questions:
1. How to decide if a text should or shouldn't be translated? Is it only error message as stated above?
   I assume (j)git output should stay parsable and some texts mustn't be translated. Right?

2. How to find, at runtime, the set of classes where to perform the injection of translated texts?
   Is this already limited to particular packages only?

3. I suppose an annotation on a field should be used to mark it as translatable?

Sasa Zivkov

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