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Re: [LIKELY JUNK]Re: [egit-dev] Participation in Helios build?

2010/2/24 Zivkov, Sasa <sasa.zivkov@xxxxxxx>
> Shawn O. Pearce wrote:
> > > I'd actually prefer to just write our own micro NLS class in JGit.
> Chris Aniszczyk and I talked about this yesterday at the board
> meeting during a down minute.  What we actually need isn't static
> fields for translation, but instance fields we can inject based
> on the current client, because JGit can often be used in a server
> context where the translation of the error message might need to
> differ per-request to suite the user's preference.
Finally I had some time to work on this topic.
Just submitted the change:,315

This only provides the "infrastructure".
No translation to any particular language is done within this change.
This change is above the 250 lines, since Sasa and myself are working for the same member company (SAP) which has
signed the member committer agreement we would like to follow the IP approval described in figure 2 
in, according to that a PMC member
must supervise the change. Otherwise we have to file a CQ. Or could we exclude the 8*42 lines license headers
from the line count ?

Chris could you do that supervision ? I think we should document that in Bugzilla since Gerrit comments will be gone
with the history rewrite we'll face soon, right ?


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