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[egit-dev] Participation in Helios build?

The time is almost up for M4 (Dec 18th) and the planning for Helios suggests that projects wishing to participate should declare an interest by M4 at the latest:

To join a Simultaneous Release, Projects must have stated their intent to do so, and be in a build for the composite site aggregation by M4, at the latest. For projects continuing from previous years, the expectation is they will be in M1, unless they formally withdraw.

Even if we aim for EGit to be in an 'incubation' type stage at the M4 release date (or even, for the final release), I think it would be a good thing to aim for. We can then provide a separate update site and perform mini releases in the interim (similar to Mylyn's twice-a-year release schedule) whilst giving early access to those wishing to play with/integrate git.

Given that Chris is now a committer, and knows the ins and outs of these processes, can he comment on the difficulty of joining in the Helios train, and whether we can, if initially aim for an M4 build, subsequently pull out if we feel uncomfortable with the level of quality representative of the project? That would give us the flexibility to defer the decision later, provided that we declare intent at this stage.


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